The year is 2112, and the world has stagnated for 100 years.

In 2012, the world was cast into darkness by the coming of the End Times. Humanity, long content in its assumed supremacy over the earth, found itself thrust aside almost overnight as the entire planet turned on its head.

The Garou ventured into the Umbra to face their Apocalypse at the doorstep of the Wyrm.

Agreed that the only true stake of the Ascension War was humanity itself, the Awakened took the bulk of their battles into pocket realms.

The world, shaken by those supernatural beasts that refrained from taking their war elsewhere, found enough fear and faith to herald the coming of the Tuatha de’Danaan, who dragged the Changelings from our world.

The Vampires were left to inherit the earth. But they were left to contend with their own progenitors. Humanity had to contend with Gehenna, and they did not fair well.

The world was divvied into the holdings of the Antediluvians, and humanity was corralled like cattle, thrust into slavery and raised to worship their vampire masters.

The world has not progressed since the fall of man, but has remained imprisoned by undead masters incapable of social evolution.

Now, in the midst of what was once the United States, a light is blooming, and revolution is coming.

The Sun Also Rises is an alternate setting for White Wolf’s Exalted.

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The Sun Also Rises