The Apocalypse

The Garou have long known they fight a losing war. Some have been too blind to accept their own fault in that balance, others have been too proud to admit they needed help. As the Red Star rose, complacency became unacceptable, and the Garou Nation rose to unite. Old rivalries were to be put aside, but not without cost.

A Grand Moot was called, uniting hundreds of the most influential and powerful Garou in the world. As the politics of wolves developed, it became clear that the Nation could be separated into two factions: those who supported King Albrecht, and those who supported Margrave Konietzko. Though there were splinter factions, the overwhelming call of the Nation repressed their individualist desires. Wolves run in packs, and the Grand Moot was creating the greatest pack known to the Nation. Old enmities were overwhelmed by the need to run with one’s own.

Great Incarnae of fraternity and cooperation were summoned to the Moot, and pacts were sealed. And they were sealed in blood. The majesty of the Silver Crown overwhelmed even the most fractious of wolves, and the Moot commenced.

Luna sent her missionaries and incarnae to supervise, and it was agreed that only one could lead the Nation: only one Alpha.

The Shadow Lord Konietzko’s faction wished to focus their efforts on purifying the face of Gaea: taking their war into the Hives and the Pits, initiating world wide simultaneous assaults by moon bridge and coordination, to wipe clean the face of Gaea from the oppressive minions of the Wyrm.

While the Silver Fang Albrecht appreciated the utility and immediacy of Konietzko’s ploy, he believed that it addressed only the superficial dilemmas of corruption. Revolutionary as always, Albrecht proposed a single spearheaded army to drive into the Umbra and strike directly at the Wyrm. His plan was to concentrate two forces upon the very conclaive of the Three Headed Beast, and to finish the job begun by the Weaver’s webs: cut the Wyrm into smaller and smaller sections until it could no longer pose a threat to Gaia.

It was decided that the two leaders would meet in single combat, and the victor would lead the Nation in war.

A long and bloody duel followed, both men equals. In the end, it was King Albrecht who was victorious. Fully imbued with the grace of the Silver Crown, and supported by the Incarnae, the Garou Nation fell into step behind the Silver Fangs in a glorious march that had long been the rightful calling of the Garou. They were returned to their grace, even if it were too little too late.

Impressed by the messengers of great spirits, they were joined by those fera that survived, and all Gaia’s children marched into the Umbra. They carved great and bloody paths through its ways, leaving behind score of Wyrm chosen and Bane.

They marched to the heart of Malfeas, and cast down the Maeljin Incarnae. Their Theurges grappled the black spiral and straightened its lines enough for the army to proceed, and they entered the belly of the Wyrm.

And then, at the moment of the Garou’s greatest truth, the Weaver sprang.

It would have been a mighty feat for the Garou to attack even one of the three heads of the fractured Wyrm, but confronted by the awesome might of the greatest of the Three, the Nation stood no chance. The army was scattered and shattered and slaughtered. Pattern spiders quickly immobilized and worked at the calcification of the spirit remnants of the children of Gaea and Luna and Helios.

A few spirits were able to escape the slaughter, but the triumph of the Weaver was such that they found an impassable gauntlet blocked the trods back to Gaea. Luna swept in, in her silver majesty, and rescued what spirits she could, tucking them away within her breast, and disappearing into the deep Umbra, where the Wyld still held enough dominion to keep the Weaver in check, and where she could confer with her brother Helios.

And so it was that the Garou lost their Apocalypse.

The Apocalypse

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