The History of the End of the World

Seven years after Zapathasura awakened during the Week of Nightmares, an event that humanity had complacently believed to be nothing more than a vicious monsoon, the aftershocks of his awakening continued to shake the world. Subtly. The sleeping lords of the Kindred had not lay oblivious to the awakening of one of their number, but they were not quick to act.

The despair fostered by the catastrophe tipped a weakened community over its edge, and Bangaladesh began to foster a deep spiritual corruption. Meanwhile, the riotous death frenzy of the Ravnos vampires brought about reactionary politics amongst the world’s other supernatural factions. The Wyrm’s thrashings grew more frantic, and it sought a foothold in the physical realm. The damage wrecked by the Technocracy’s spiritual nuke gave it a more ready foothold in this realm than ever it had enjoyed before.

The Apocalypse dragged the bete` away from their ward.

The Ascension War distracted the Awakened long enough to seal them away.

The Long Walk saw Changeling and Adhene alike spirited away to Arcadia.

Earth, and humanity, were left to Gehenna.

Enslaved by the Antediluvians, enwrapped in the Gauntlet, Gaea began a speedy descent into madness. The mortals upon her face were abandoned to the whims of the vampires.

The planet was divvied amongst the undead lords and the reformation of the world began.

The Feeding

The History of the End of the World

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